Sid cracks under the strain

Dex is not improving and it’s clearly troubling Sid, who’s not been home since his son was brought in and is suffering under the strain. April remains steadfastly optimistic, though she won’t return home to the flat she and Dex are renting, so a concerned Irene insists she stay at her place.

April’s so convinced that Dex is about to come round, she buys tickets for an event and continues to tell him all about them. But Sid’s patience snaps and he lets rip, criticising her for not facing the facts.

Liam feels terrible that he’s lost his best friend and forced him to move out, and his mood is starting to rub off on Indi. Sasha finds out about Indi and Liam from Romeo and confronts her sister, making her realise the impact their actions have had on those around them.

Meanwhile, Liam realises that Romeo moving out has had an effect on VJ. He tries to explain things to the lad but VJ throws the other bad choices Liam has made with Bianca and Hayley back in his face…