Sid finally reads his big interview

Will he be happy with the finished result?

Sid is anxious about the publication of his interview and things are made even worse when Ayesha finds out that he used her life story as his own in the write-up! Finally, Sid reads the article – but will he be happy with the end result?

Meanwhile, at St. Phil’s hospital, Lily is rushed to theatre to have an emergency C-section. Zara and Karen do their best to reassure Austin and tell him it’s time to tell his mother. When Austin’s mum arrives, she’s furious, but they stop arguing as she realises that Lily and the baby’s lives are in danger. Will Lily and the baby survive?

Also, when DI Stanton hears the news about La Toya’s stabbing, he quickly puts things in place to make sure Zara, Daniel and Joe stay safe. This starts with Rob picking up Joe from school, and Zara and Daniel being taken away by undercover police. When will this nightmare end?