Sid makes a big decision

Sid is ready to move on with his life

At The Mill, Ruhma spots Sid looking at property pages and lets slip to Emma, who’s devastated to learn about Sid’s plans. She confronts him about it and the pair have a heart to heart with Emma saying she’s proud of the progress he’s made while living with her. Will Sid have the heart to move out?

Eve arrives at Al’s house and is taken aback at how clean the house is. She tells Al to put his feet up and she makes him a cup of tea; however, she starts to worry as she keeps forgetting where he keeps the sugar. When Ayesha arrives, Eve clearly remembers her and the pair can’t stop chatting away.

Later, Al pulls Ayesha to the side and explains that his mother can’t remember simple arrangements with friends, but Ayesha says forgetting things can be part of the grieving process. Al thinks she’s right, until Eve says it will be nice to see Henry (Al’s dad) again after spending the night away from home. Al puts on a brave face, but suggests she stay for a few more days. Will Eve accept her son’s offer?