Sid plays matchmaker

As Margie walks down an escalator, she feels a connection with a man going the other way. But before she can do anything, she collides with Sid. As Sid heads back to work he sees a commotion and discovers a man, Nathan, has fallen over. Sid is shocked when Nathan explains he hurt himself chasing after a woman he saw on the escalator. Sid drives Nathan to Margie’s house and introduces this love at first sight couple.

Sid manages to avoid Ayesha but then hears her on the phone telling her mate she needs to be with a man who can stand up for himself. Sid has a change of heart and leaves Ayesha stunned when he suggests they have dinner tomorrow night.

Howard is alarmed to see Daniel arriving at work with a minor facial injury and Mrs Tembe mentions things have been difficult while he was away. Later, Emma explains what really happened to Daniel’s face but refuses to elaborate on anything else, leaving Howard to express regret at not making Emma a partner.