Sid’s in a tricky situation

A disgruntled Karen and Valerie are in on a Saturday to work on the paper-free project when a jovial Daniel turns up to ‘check on the troops’. They try to persuade him to pay for temps as Mrs Tembe dials in from campus. As they talk, we see a man wearing nothing but a clown mask slip inside and duck out of sight. It’s Sid – the victim of a drunken prank last night.

Sid desperately tries to find some clothes when, suddenly, he turns around and is mortified to see Mrs Tembe’s face staring at him from the computer screen – he’s now convinced his career is over. Sid is eventually rumbled by Valerie who finds him something to wear and tries to get him out but it’s too late – Daniel’s spotted him. Sid braces himself as Daniel asks for a word but is relieved to find his secret is still safe.