Sid supervises the intern from hell

How will Sid cope with a cocky work experience doctor?

Bethany Morris arrives for work experience at The Mill. She impresses Mrs Tembe with her early arrival, good attitude and keenness to learn the ropes. Daniel is supposed to be Bethany’s supervisor, but has forgotten and rushes off for a meeting.

Mrs Tembe convinces Sid to supervise Bethany, but when the pair are left alone, the wannabe doctor develops a bad attitude. A series of unfortunate events, however, bring Bethany back to reality and Sid gives her a grilling. Is Bethany’s time at The Mill over?

Also, Emma and Lena are enjoying their day together at the Spa. The pair continue to get on like a house on fire as they enjoy massages and spa’s swimming pool. While swimming the pair get close and sparks begin to fly…