Sid tells Sasha to slow down

When Sid sees Sasha and Xavier making out he’s worried things are going too far, too fast between them and has a word with his daughter to try to agree some ground rules. Sasha’s not very sympathetic, so Sid joins forces with John to slow down their relationship.

Meanwhile, Indi and Romeo meet to discuss their marriage but Indi reveals that she’s slept with Logan and the couple are once more torn apart. Ruby is hoping her kiss with Romeo may be the start of something but her hopes are quashed when he makes his intentions perfectly clear. He just wants to be friends.

Bitter over the closure of the Resort Project, John has a go at Roo and Harvey about the newly-proposed Eco Park. He suspects there’s something dodgy going on and warns them he’s going to go to the council about it. Later, Xavier and Sasha catch Harvey in a heated discussion with the mayor of Summer Bay over John’s threats. What is Harvey up to?