As Sid arrives, Neil grabs Indi, wanting to know where Lisa is. Fortunately, Indi struggles free and Sid holds him in an arm lock until the police arrive. He’s taken away but is soon released as the police have little to hold him on. Back at her hotel, Lisa decides enough is enough and calls Neil – she’s coming home.

Meanwhile, Dex is struggling to cope as the night’s events unfold. His memory starts to fail and his vision blurs, then he becomes dizzy but pretends everything’s fine. Later, he starts to deteriorate and falls to the floor – he’s having a seizure.

Jett doesn’t seem too happy that John’s back home and Gina discovers he’s still worried about John and Marilyn. Gina tries to put his mind at rest but, unconvinced, Jett decides to do some undercover investigations of his own.

He records a conversation between John and Marilyn, which he then confronts John with. Gina sees right through it, however, realising John was only testing Marilyn’s cream cheese frosting. Gina and John try to put Jett’s mind at rest and promise they’re staying together.

And Roo asks Marilyn to be her maid of honour, pressuring Harvey into finding a best man. Harvey insists he doesn’t want one and Alf explains to Roo that Harvey doesn’t have anyone to ask. Roo decides to take things into her own hands and calls Harvey’s old friend Marky Mark…