Sid Vere is devastated by the death of a patient

Sid Vere watches one of his favourite patients pass away before his eyes...

Sid shocked when one of his favourite patients, Evelyn Robinson, 78, suddenly falls unconscious. Heston, Zara and Sid try to resuscitate Evelyn but to no avail. Sid is devastated, and blames himself. Later, the team gather to pay tribute to Evelyn and a life well lived but when Al makes an off the cuff quip Sid flies off the handle and lays into him. Zara and Heston have to intervene, but Sid is in pieces.

It’s Hannah’s last day and when Karen hits upon the idea of making some cakes, things seem to go well – but as soon as they’ve finished, Hannah disengages and goes to her room. Later, Karen tries to talk to her about her next placement but Hannah is unconcerned – she doesn’t really mind what happens to her. She’s used to it.

Ayesha becomes concerned about a young Autistic man who is leaving home to move into a group home.