Laura, Roo’s ex-business partner, is in town reminiscing about the old days. Roo feels awkward discussing their past. Elijah and Sid ask Roo for advice on fundraising for an African hospital, putting her on the spot. She wants to discuss it later, but Laura’s interested and asks Roo about going into business again. Roo vehemently refuses. But a friendly push from Sid and one final plea from Laura gets Roo on board…

Sid and Marilyn are on the rocks, and Sid and Roo are finding it difficult to keep their feelings for each other at bay. When Elijah meets Laura, the pair hit it off immediately. Roo teases Laura about her ‘Reverend romance’, to which Laura hints at the sexual tension between Roo and Sid.

Romeo has been trying, unsuccessfully, to contact Ruby and tell her he has an STI. Indi bumps into Ruby at the Surf Club and blurts it out. Casey, shocked and angry, attacks Romeo and warns him to stay away from Ruby. It’s this brutish approach that makes Ruby rethink her relationship with him. Romeo finally speaks to Ruby, who is dead against getting tested. Full of concern for Ruby’s health, Romeo implores Casey to convince Ruby to go to the clinic… and it works.

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