Sid is off to deliver a career’s talk to young people. He arrives with Mrs Tembe and is told by the PR representative, Kate, that they are running behind schedule, but Sid will get the chance to make his speech later. In the meantime, Kate asks Sid and Mrs Tembe to have some photos taken – they oblige but Mrs Tembe has a feeling something isn’t right. Unable to shake her hunch, she asks Kate if she wanted photos to be taken of her and Sid for diversity purposes. Has Mrs Tembe got it wrong? And will Sid get the chance to make his speech?

Meanwhile, Zara tells Emma about her run-in with DI Stanton and Emma gushes about how attractive the detective is, but Zara couldn’t disagree more. Emma also tells Zara that she’s in safe hands, as DI Stanton is very good at his job.

Later, Zara agrees to see a vulnerable patient called Toby Moses. When Zara refuses to change Mr Moses’ medication, however, he lodges a complaint to Valerie. Valerie tells Zara about the complaint and hands her an envelope that has been left at reception with her name on it. When Zara opens the envelope, she’s left shocked…