Will Sid’s interview go well?

Or will Sid make a comment that lands him in hot water?

Sid is getting in the right frame of mind to take part in his podcast interview about diversity in the workplace. After psyching himself up, however, Mrs Tembe tells Sid he can no longer attend the interview as she’s understaffed, leaving him gutted. However, later in the day, Mrs Tembe tells Sid to go. Will Sid’s comments on diversity be well received?

Also, Daniel’s making progress in his recovery, as he finally manages to have breakfast downstairs, rather than in bed. Daniel’s positive start to the day doesn’t last long, however, as he clashes with Zara on how Joe should deal with the bullies at his school. Daniel wants his son to walk away, while Zara wants Joe to defend himself. When Zara returns home form the school run, Daniel is annoyed to learn that Zara practically threatened the bully’s mum. Will Joe follow his mum’s advice – or will he turn the other cheek like Daniel suggests?