Sid’s shocked by Marilyn’s plans

Sid is shocked by what Marilyn has just told him: she has offered to adopt Nicole’s baby. Sid tries to get his head around all the implications this will have for him and his family. He goes to see Nicole and asks her how she feels about the whole thing. Sid tells Marilyn that though he is not sure, he is open to the idea of them raising Nicole’s baby.

Leah is growing concerned about VJ and is worried about his ability to fit in when High School starts. Dex takes the young VJ under his wing to help prepare him for High School. But is oddball Dex really the ideal mentor?

Xavier has been stressing over the fact that since April went to France, she has become increasingly distant. So much so, that he hasn’t heard from her for weeks. Romeo tries to get Xavier to consider the possibility that she has moved on from him.

Reluctantly, Xavier finally starts to accept this and meets Summer – the new girl in town. But as things start to heat up, April arrives back – just in time to see Xavier in a passionate embrace with this other girl!

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