Ty goes along with his band’s decision to audition for a female singer but stacks the odds in Rachel’s favour. Sienna turns up and shows some unexpected talent which wins Ty’s band mate Logan round. The band vote and Sienna is selected. Rachel is left humiliated and hurt by Ty’s lack of faith in her after finding out Ty tried to rig the audition.

Elle forces Susan to admit the truth about Nicola’s needlestick injury and, desperate to protect Karl, Susan tries to convince Elle to bury the story. Elle says that Paul cares about money more than content, and Susan asks her how much it would cost to pay Pete off so the story isn’t told.

After Elle tells her it would be $5,000, Susan ends up giving a smug Pete a cheque to keep quiet. But Karl is shocked to hear about what Susan has done and lays into her for telling Elle what happened. Susan again urges him to tell the hospital the truth but he maintains he has given Nicola his word.

After a chat with Karl, Nicola agrees to tell the hospital board everything, but ends up saying it was Karl who took the illegal blood test and asked her to cover for him.