Sienna is worried about Dr S’Avage’s friendship with Reenie. Reenie visits Dr S’Avage and he lends her his credit card. Sienna confronts Reenie at Cleo’s party but Dr S’Avage stands up for Reenie. Later, Sienna follows Reenie to confront her… and pushes her off the City Wall!

Meanwhile, as Lockie and John Paul hire The Loft for Cleo’s party, John Paul admits his true feelings to a shocked Lockie. When Porsche gives Lockie attitude again, Lockie tells John Paul he’s going to tell Porsche about the two of them. However, Porsche confides in John Paul that without Lockie she wouldn’t cope, and then tells Lockie she loves him. Who will Lockie choose? Later, Lockie asks John Paul to still be his bit on the side but John Paul says no… and Porsche overhears.

Also, as Dr S’Avage runs tests on Esther, Kim’s worried her secret about inducing Esther will be discovered, so she tampers with Esther’s files to cover her back. Later, Kim gets Esther moved to a hospital in Manchester. Grace and Trevor stage a fake break-up in front of Kim.

And Dylan is thrilled when he impresses Trevor by hiring out The Loft for Cleo’s party.