With the big day looming, Darren is conflicted about whether he is making the right decision. Meanwhile, Sienna continues to bury the past and puts on an Oscar-winning performance to the police and wins Darren over with her compassion towards Nancy.

The Osborne family are preparing for Nancy’s psychiatric assessment, while Darren desperately wants to believe his wife, but just can’t bring himself to make a decision. Sienna turns up at the hospital and having over-heard a conversation between John Paul and Sandy, tells Darren that Nancy tried to take her life

Danny realises he has to reveal the truth that he has been hiding and tries to explain himself to John Paul. John Paul gives in to Danny and they make up. However, when Danny leaves school for the day, he heads towards a woman sat in a car and replaces a wedding ring on his finger…

Sandy lands herself in a difficult predicament, but will Ziggy save the day?