Sienna fears she’s losing her babies

After falling at The Loft, Sienna's terrified for her unborn babies...

Sienna doesn’t want to leave Warren after finding out about the child arrangement order, so she decides to make him love her again. All glammed up, she heads to The Loft to seduce Warren, but he’s too busy. After a tussle with Cindy over a stolen bottle of wine, she falls to the floor and yelps in pain yet refuses to go to hospital.

After experiencing more pains, however, Sienna confides in Nancy that she fears she’s losing the babies. At the hospital, Sienna and Nancy are relieved when they hear two healthy heartbeats – but Sienna realises she’s going to have to fight Warren if she wants to keep her kids. What’s she going to do?

Also, Holly’s in a state of confusion.