Sienna outsmarts Nancy again

The Osbornes are frantic as they prepare for Oscar’s operation. Esther is concerned that Nancy isn’t there and calls her, but knowing what she’s up to, Sienna tells Esther they’re going to a different hospital.

When Mercedes is caught between her husband and her own mother, whose side will she be on? Meanwhile, JP confronts his brother-in-law and punches him and Browning is arrested leaving Mercy in shock. She rushes to the hospital to confront her mother, but Myra only plants seeds of doubt in her daughter’s head.

Later, Mercedes is further shocked when Browning reveals Myra slept with Jim, while Carmel proposes to Jim, blissfully unaware. Myra returns to the village.

Following Joe’s instructions, does Ziggy really have it in him to break his new girl Ruby’s heart?