Sienna schemes her way into the Lomax’s house

Sienna shows the Lomax sisters some hurtful posters that have been made about her and the girls are sympathetic. But a scheming Sienna has made the posters herself to get sympathy. Later, Sienna tells Leela that she got spooked in the shower when some kids knocked on her front door and she slipped over. After going to the hospital, Sienna lies that she’s fractured her shoulder, resulting in her moving into the Lomax’s. Sam and Danny tell Leela that Sienna has to leave, so Leela decides to move in with Sienna instead. Sam sees the state of Patrick’s flat after another ‘attack’ on Sienna and agrees that she can stay with them.

Sandy and Lindsey return from a spa break and Sandy immediately asks about Jason. She’s worried when Dirk tells her Jason and Holly have run away. When she finds out that Hilton isn’t responding to treatment, Sandy promises Cindy that she’ll sort out their runaway teens.

Sinead donates Katy’s belongings to the church jumble sale and Sonny reassures Sinead that Lindsey will get justice at the hearing. Later, Sinead accidentally bumps into Sienna and makes her drop a card she got from Peri in a puddle. Sienna’s heartbreak makes Sinead realise that she’s not ready to let go of Katy yet and goes to get her stuff back.

Meanwhile, Carmel puts Katy’s belongings to one side, but when Joe notices a beautiful music box that he wants to give to Lindsey, Carmel sells it to him.