Sienna stirs up trouble at the family dinner!

Sienna’s suspicions are raised when she spots the tension between Texas and Will at dinner. Meanwhile, Dirk tries to be on his best behavior after last time, but feels inadequate, despite Patrick’s warmth.

As the night continues, Sienna continues to spot little looks and moments between Will and Texas, while Dirk finally snaps and urges the Blakes to go home to their ‘cognac and cigars’ – he’s clearly threatened. Later, in The Dog, Sienna shocks Texas by guessing she slept with Will.

Joel’s got no choice but to see Theresa when she turns up at the club and the sexual tension sizzles between the pair. Theresa’s annoyed when Joel decides to go on the straight and narrow and he considers the possibilities when Cheryl tells him that Brendan’s gone.

At the Christmas lights switch on, Maxine is livid when she spots the flirtatious banter between Diane and Liam, she’d better move quickly if she wants to get her man. She thinks she’s on a promise, but instead is devastated when she sees Liam kiss Diane under the mistletoe.

As the differences between his two families transpire, how will Dodger cope?