Sienna tries to build bridges with Nico

Sienna tries to build bridges with Nico by campaigning for her to be chosen as head girl in the elections at school. But her actions only serve to embarrass her daughter more.

Tony bumps into Tegan, who’s going to a hospital appointment, and offers to babysit Rose. Tegan agrees but, after the appointment, she sees how happy Tony is playing with his biological daughter and hurries her baby away. Later, Tegan goes to apologise to Tony but when she spies Rose’s favourite toy at Tony’s place, she thinks he’s getting too close for comfort and orders him to stay away.

Zack runs in the Head Boy elections at school, while Harry tries desperately to get Cleo back. Zack and Holly secretly record Harry declaring his feelings for Cleo, but their cunning plan leads to heartbreak when they accidentally play the video in front of the school.

Following Porsche’s arrest, Lockie tries to lie his way out of trouble again when he tells Diane that it was Porsche who mugged him, but he was too embarrassed to say. Blinded by love, Diane agrees to get Porsche off the hook. Back in Diane’s good books, Lockie tells Porsche that he will continue to help her.

Later, Reenie rings the McQueens and tells them she’s coming to stay when she’s released. How will Porsche react to the news?