Sienna uncovers Patrick’s devious plan

Leela is concerned when Patrick tells her Peri didn’t turn up at school. Peri knocks on the McQueens’ front door where Nico is hiding. Leela walks past the McQueen’s and sees Peri from the window and Sienna is delighted when she finally finds her daughter. However, she’s horrified when Nico tells her that Patrick told her to stay away.

Danny goes to the police station with the gun but decides to dispose of it instead. However, Sonny catches him. Sonny tells Danny that they’ve found other prints on the gun – John Paul’s. Knowing John Paul was in prison when Fraser was murdered, he questions whether he’s covering for Danny, prompting Ste to confess.

Sienna blackmails Nancy but Nancy won’t back down so she tells Tom about Nancy and Rick instead. Tom follows Nancy and is upset when he sees her with Rick in The Folly. Tom tells Nancy that he knows and she begs him to not let this change his decision to testify against Sienna.

Tom goes to see Sienna and promises to change the statement if she leaves them alone. Nancy goes with Tom to change his statement and is surprised how angry Darren is when he finds out. He swears to find out what Sienna has over them, leaving Nancy worried.