Sienna’s flirting gets Tony’s attention

Worried that her plan is failing, Sinead makes Tony jealous by flirting with the electrician, Daryl, at The Hutch. Unable to fight anymore, Tony and Sinead kiss. Sinead leads Tony to the bedroom and sets up her phone to record them. Tony feels guilty about last night with Sinead. He offers to go to bereavement counseling with her but Sinead has already sent the video of them together to Diane.

Sienna proves she is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure she stays out of prison. When Nancy calls Rick to beg him not to tell Darren, but it’s Sienna on the other end of the line…

Nana sees John Paul and Danny together at College Coffee and sets off the fire alarm, just as Danny asks John Paul if they can get back together. John Paul is touched when he sees Ste playing with Matthew until he finds drugs in Ste’s drawer. Nana persuades John Paul to help Ste. He asks Danny for help but Danny’s heart sinks when he notices how much John Paul cares for Ste.