Sienna’s life hangs in the balance

Frantic Nico finds Ben and tells him about the fire and that her mum, Sienna, is trapped. Maxine and Patrick escape, but Patrick is frustrated that he can’t help his daughter. Ben arrives and storms into the flat. Nico panics that her plan has backfired when Sienna and Ben emerge, but her mum isn’t breathing. Sienna wakes up in hospital and is alarmed about what her daughter did. When Ben reveals the fire was started deliberately and accuses Nico, Sienna jumps to her daughter’s defence and claims she started the fire.

When Sienna tells Ben that he needs to be with his sons and they can’t be together anymore, Nico’s furious over her mother’s decision. A worried Sienna asks Patrick to help her with Nico, so Patrick tells Ben that he started the fire. Later, Ben’s about to get in a taxi with Sadie… but then he finds Sienna at the hospital and asks her to marry him.

Meanwhile, Lisa tries to convince Jade that they can both be happy in Hollyoaks but, if she can’t keep her mouth shut, then she needs to leave. Theresa tries to steal from the till on the boat but Lisa catches her. However, when Theresa turns it round, so it looks like Lisa’s been stealing, Lockie sacks her! Zack stands up for Lisa and persuades Lockie to give her job back. Later, Lisa’s heartbroken when she spots Zack and Theresa snogging in the alleyway.

Also, having been rejected by Cleo, Pete spots a vulnerable looking Jade…