Sienna spots Ben leaving The Dog in the morning, wearing the same clothes from the night before. Sienna and Nico break into Ben’s flat and find some perfume, which Sienna believes belongs to Nancy. She storms into the pub, throws the perfume bottle at Nancy and the two women fight. Later, Sienna sneaks into Nancy’s bedroom and spikes her water with sleeping tablets.

Meanwhile, when Pete asks Frankie for a job at the pub, she’s startled when a hooded figure runs past her and grabs her handbag. Pete stops them and reveals Carly as the mugger. Ben turns up to the hospital with Jack and introduces Carly as his daughter. Jack promises to help with Carly, who tells them she wants to go to rehab.

Celine finds Holly passed out behind the bins in The Loft yard after her night of partying and makes Holly promise not to take any more pills. At the hospital, Cindy gives Celine some advice on how to be creative in the bedroom. However, Pete is quick to destroy Celine’s confidence before her date with Cameron.

Also, Robbie’s furious that Jason can’t get access to the evidence room and retrieve his sunglasses. Jason eventually gets the glasses back for Robbie, but Nancy’s suspicious when Louis tells her about the £6,000 reward money they offered for Lisa’s return. When Robbie admits to stealing the money from Wayne, Nancy washes her hands of him.

Later, Louis is confused when someone posts the money back through his door…