Silas is arrested?

Lynsey is determined to see Silas punished for his crimes and decides to take matters into her own hands. She attempts to set up Silas and plants India’s necklace in his pocket. Ethan starts to believe Lynsey’s theory and arrests Silas. But he knows that they have nothing on Silas and when Texas rumbles Lynsey, Ethan’s annoyed with her for setting Silas up in the first place.

Carmel prepares to host the sponsored dancercise but has a crisis of confidence and turns to Father Francis for comfort.

Jacqui and Rhys are devastated when they think Terry has escaped, and they realise how much he is holding their marriage together. Jacqui is over the moon when Rhys finds him, but lies he found him in the park when in fact he was in the flat the whole time.

Also, Seth is excited when he wins Ruby round and bags a date with her to the Riley’s wedding!