Cain goes ballistic when he sees Charity. But she stops him dead when she points out it was her who saved Debbie from Carl’s attack. Now Cain has someone else to lash out at: Carl. He’s standing outside Carl’s front door, ready to beat him to a pulp when Debbie turns up. Yes, he’s a hard man, she tells him, but he’s a lousy father. Not wanting to hurt his daughter any more, Cain leaves with her. But she hasn’t finished with him – or Charity. Debbie warns her parents that they had better not ruin her Christmas and shames them into agreeing to behave themselves. But how long can they keep that up?

Like father, like son… As Ryan is being extra nice to Katie to cover his feelings for Maisie, so Mark lays it on thick with his family at Home Farm to try to make himself feel less guilty about his plans to run off with Faye. But playing the perfect Dad and burying them all with Christmas presents doesn’t make Natasha happy, it makes her suspicious…

Alone on Christmas Eve, Ashley goes to The Woolpack to drown his sorrows – and psycho Sally swoops. Is Ashley strong enough to resist her?

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