Silent Witness returns and Nikki and the Lyell unit are called in to investigate an attack against a transgender man

The long-running forensic crime drama returns on an unusually upbeat note, with Nikki (Emilia Fox) loved up with American boyfriend Matt (Michael Landes) and Thomas (Richard Lintern) being offered a plum new job.

However, it’s not long before the first body arrives on the mortuary slab – a transgender man who appears to have been the victim of a hate crime.

As usual, the devil is in the detail as the team run tests on prints, clothes, hair and blood in a bid to help solve the crime.

And with a prime suspect identified at the end of the first half of this week’s two-part case, surely another twist or two is on the way…

Silent Witness continues tomorrow.

TV Times rating: ****

Silent Witness

Dr Nikki Alexander contemplates the case

Dr Nikki Alexander, is in a sunny mood as she arrives for our interview in a hotel  – even though the episode of Silent Witness she is filming is typically dark, involving a potential serial killer. Here, Emilia, 44, guides TV Times through what’s in store…

I get to smile in this series…

The last one was such a dark time for Nikki, but her relationship with Matt [her US diplomat boyfriend played by Michael Landes] becomes part of the make-up of her life.

Matt is back…

because he was 
so popular, and we explore the challenges of a long-distance relationship for two people who 
are fully committed to their jobs.

We deal with knife crime…

and the huge rise in people using the drug spice. We look at where it leaves people in
their lives.

We did Silent Witness workouts…

David Caves [forensic expert Jack] and I went to the gym together 
– I’m following his health regime. You have only to look at the man 
to see what great shape he’s in!

Silent Witness makes you think about life and death…

and acknowledge just how incredible the human body really is.

I would be a doctor if I had my time again…

but I don’t have the brain to do it. The only thing I’ve got is the capacity for learning lines!