Simon returns from his own holiday, but becomes instantly annoyed at Cherry’s questions during their lunch together.

They’re both relieved when Jimmi shows up and asks if he can join them. Later Cherry tells Jimmi that Simon texted to apologise, but she’s concerned that he’s not his old self. Jimmi wonders if he’s jealous of them, but Cherry says if he is, he’s just going to have to get used to the idea.

Meanwhile, Daniel tells Zara that they’re going on holiday and to pack her sun cream.

Elaine gets an offer on her house, but doesn’t look very happy about it. Karen is concerned about her and shares her worries with Heston, who asks Elaine about it. Elaine says that if she sells, there’s no going back. She just needs time to think about it.

Later, a troubled Heston tells Julia he thinks Elaine’s having second thoughts about moving to Letherbridge.

Meanwhile an aggressive Tony goes to see Jack at halls, punching the wall in anger. He read Jack’s article online and thinks Jack made him look like an idiot.

Jack manages to talk his way out of it and Tony goes to see Cherry at the Campus, who patches up his bleeding knuckles. She’s alarmed when Tony says he taught Hollins a lesson.

Cherry sees Jack at the Icon and tells him that she read the article, advising him to be careful – the people in the article still have feelings.

Later, at a cash point, Jack is attacked by two teens, one of them filming the incident on her mobile phone. At St Phil’s Rob arrives to see Jack and asks for details of his assailants.

Jack is embarrassed to say that they were kids – and that one of them was a girl. Jack is left impotent and furious with the world.

Elsewgere, can Rob beat the experts when a famous painting goes missing in Letherbridge?

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