As the police arrive at Leanne’s flat, Liz is stunned when Tony appears, asking if she’s okay. Liz refuses to talk to him as Zeedan takes Simon back to the flat and sets about tidying up the mess left by Dan. Simon remains uncommunicative and Zeedan’s concerned for him. Released from hospital, Leanne returns home and persuades Simon to sit down with her. She tries to explain how she’s made some mistakes in her life – but she’s left stunned as Simon launches both a verbal and physical attack on her!

Tony returns to the pub and this time Liz agrees to hear him out. Tony begs her forgiveness for his affair and tells her he never stopped loving her.

Gail’s cheered when Kylie reckons Michael still has feelings for her or he wouldn’t be coming to Audrey’s party. However, Michael confides in Eileen how he wishes he’d never agreed to go. As Michael readies to leave, he’s shocked when Eileen silences him with a kiss.

Also, Steve dreads the prospect of returning Rover to her rightful owners, and Kevin suggests to Tyrone they take out a loan to buy Vince’s business.