Simon takes Will on a date to the planetarium and Simon blurts out that he loves him. Will is silent at first, but after reassuring Simon he feels the same, they kiss. Later, as Simon gazes at the stars thinking about his new love, Will is at home watching his sleeping child after calling out to his wife! What has he got himself in to?

Smithy leaves lots of Easter surprises for Ruth. At first she’s thrilled but worries when he reveals he’s planning a bigger surprise. Ruth rushes home to find a trail of chocolate eggs leading to a big stuffed bunny. She’s relieved, but freaks out again when he starts talking about them having a baby and she asks if he’s getting his meds.

Angry, Smithy leaves and Ruth is wracked with guilt. Later, Smithy stands over a crib in a quiet house and smiles at the vulnerable baby…

Also, Michelle deals with a father struggling to find a childminder for his daughter, while he interviews for an important job. Michelle tries to help, but becomes shocked by his desperate behaviour.

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