Maggie is still reeling after finding Toby and Joanne together irritated when Simon asks her to look at one of his patients, Kris Kemp, in MIU. Maggie orders Simon to run some tests before storming out. Later, Kris tries to leave, collapses and dies. Realising he’s lost Kris’s test notes, Simon quickly writes up new ones.

Maggie is devastated that she couldn’t save Kris but her judgement is called into question when Simon tells Marylin that Maggie instructed him to discharge Kris – and produces his ‘notes’ to prove it. Maggie is stunned at his lie, and Marilyn warns her it could end up in the Coroner’s Court. Charlie is there for Maggie as she hits rock bottom.

Zana is visibly upset when a man kills himself with an overdose. Jeff suspects that Zana is using drugs herself and confides in Curtis, who says he can call in a favour to get a test done on her blood. Jeff is unsure, but when he discovers some morphine is missing, he agrees to Curtis’s plan. But he feels guilty when the tests come back clean.

Kelsey confides in Alice that James, her soldier friend, has died. Later Kelsey breaks down in tears, wondering what could have been. As Alice comforts her, Big Mac looks on, devastated at the pain he’s caused her.