Simon finally makes his announcement

Cherry glues a photo of her and Simon to a ‘Congratulations!’ card she’s making, but little does she know, Simon asks Julia to gather the partners, and announces he won’t be accepting the position. He thanks them for everything but says he needs to break free and enjoy himself for a bit.

Cherry doesn’t hear this and so is completely unprepared when she hears the truth. She hurls the card into the bin, upset and angry, but then rallies with a plan.

Simon asks Jimmi to look after Cherry while Cherry snaps photos of Jimmi and Karen and explains she’s taking pictures to show Simon what he’ll be missing – she is clearly in denial.

After avoiding Cherry all day, Simon finally seeks her out, where she presents him with the photo album.

He laughs at everyone’s photos and then admits how much he’s going to miss her. Cherry takes a moment but when she finally does accept his news, she bursts into tears before admitting that it’s the right decision. They head into the staff room where Heston opens champagne.

Later, and finally alone, Simon packs up the last of his things and takes a look at the gift from Imogen – a photo of a long road – and knows he’s made the right decision. In the car park, Simon’s phone rings and it’s Mitch – a nice surprise! In the Staff Room, Cherry mournfully watches him leave and Jimmi puts a comforting arm round her.

Meanwhile, Jack’s eyes are opened when he spends the day at work with Rob.

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