Simon finds out his fate

Simon anxiously waits for news from the review as Elaine tries to calm him down. Eventually Simon gets a call from the review board suggesting his actions were unprofessional but that he shouldn’t have been left on his own so often. Basically he’s in the clear but doesn’t seem very happy about it.

Imogen tries to talk to Karen at breakfast but she is dismissive. Imogen even tries inviting Karen out shopping with her but she’s not interested.

Kayleigh talks Imogen into going shopping with her but after shoplifting a top she encourages Imogen to do it too. As they go to leave, they’re rumbled, forcing them to run off. They stop down an alley, safe in the knowledge that they’ve got away with it and buzzing with excitement.

DCI Driver gives a distracted Rob a new case – a woman woke up in the middle of the night to find a man in her room, who took her photo then ran off. Concerned because the victim is in the vicinity of Karen’s house, Rob calls Jack and asks him to stay at home but Jack can’t. Late that night, we realise Rob is sitting in a car watching the Hollins house to make sure his family remain safe.

Meanwhile, Elaine treats a vicar’s wife who is at a major crossroads in her life – but will she follow her heart or her head?

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