Simon hands in his notice

It’s Simon’s first day back at work but he immediately hands his notice in. Heston accepts it reluctantly but tells him he’ll have to work his notice, infuriating Simon.

When Simon’s car doesn’t work, he gets even angrier and Mrs Tembe doesn’t help things when she tells him he should repent for his attempted suicide. Simon loses it calling her a god-botherer.

Meanwhile, Karen prepares herself for her termination, but she’s still not sure who will be there with her. Rob wants to be with her but he’s struggling to get out of the case he’s on.

At the clinic, Karen is subdued, staring into space. When they are called through, Rob arrives just in time. Inside the room, Karen grips Rob’s hand as she takes the pills from Doctor Watts that will end her pregnancy.

Later on, Karen takes the rest of the pills then lets Rob take her home. Imogen and Jack fuss around Karen while Rob makes dinner. They all sit round the table together. Jack, Imogen and Rob clearly enjoy being reunited but Karen suddenly loses it, furious that they are acting normal.

She tells Rob he can stay the night, but what about the future? Will she decide to give things another go?

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