Simon has had enough!

Simon has had enough of Howard and Sue and playing at happy families and eventually tells them both to leave.

They promise to behave as if everything were normal but when they start arguing again, Simon packs his bags and goes to stay with Elaine.

Imogen is still reeling from finding out Karen’s pregnant. Imogen realises that Rob doesn’t know and start to worry about what’s going to happen. Imogen tries to talk to Jack but he’s too busy to listen. That evening Imogen tries to speak to Karen but when Karen refuses to speak to her about it Imogen is left in tears.

Mrs Tembe comes across Joshua, a South African student who has just arrived at the university. He’s lonely, cold and very homesick which has led to physical symptoms so Mrs Tembe takes him to see the Doctor but when he wants to talk afterwards she’s too busy for him. Joshua goes back to his empty and undecorated room and curls up on his bed in misery.

Heston tries to make an obsessed landlady see sense when she goes overboard in trying to keep one particular guest happy.

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