At the Campus, Simon tries to contain his anger when his computer crashes. But his day fails to get any better when an obese patient, Roy, takes offence at Simon’s suggestion that he take responsibility for his weight.

Later, Roy returns for some test results, but Simon snaps at a defensive Roy, who punches Simon in the face and storms out, leaving him with a split lip. As Ruth tries to help, a teary Simon shouts at her to get out.

Ruth calls Zara for help, but after what happened the day before Zara isn’t in the mood to give advice. Ruth tries to get Simon to complain about Roy, but he just shuts her out.

At the Hollins’s house, Rob realises than none of the art in Immie’s room makes sense to him. Immie shuns Rob’s efforts to connect with her and, when he offers to buy her more books like the ones in her room, she snaps at him for invading her space!

When Rob confesses that he’s jealous that Heston understands her and he doesn’t, Immie softens a little, but tells Rob she’s not a kid any more!

Also, Anna tries to play peacemaker when a bitter old soldier decides to make life difficult for his frightened new roommate.

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