Simon is a lifesaver

Having been in a coma for six months, Catherine’s mother Mary is hopeful she’ll wake. Unbeknown to Mary, Catherine has ‘woken up’ in a dream in a white room and finds a pager as she struggles to get out of the room. Meanwhile, Catherine’s husband Patrick asks Simon for sleeping pills – but Simon doesn’t notice him looking at his prescription pad.

As Catherine makes it out of the white room and into a white ward, Patrick leaves flowers for her at St Phil’s, containing sprigs of evergreen. Later, Simon learns that Patrick has been using forged prescriptions to obtain sleeping pills from other chemists. Simon eventually gets through to Patrick on his mobile but he hangs up and drives off with his pills.

At St Phil’s, Mary notices the evergreen in the bouquet and realises it’s Patrick and Catherine’s anniversary. Back in the white ward, Catherine has a flashback to the crash; she reached down for her pager and was hit by another vehicle. When the pager says ‘unresponsive’, Catherine throws a bottle of detergent against the wall in rage.

Meanwhile, Simon finds Patrick in a field of evergreen – where he married Catherine – with a bottle of champagne and some pills and pleads with Patrick to give life another go. At St Phil’s, Catherine starts to crash when, in the white ward, she smells the detergent she threw – evergreen – and remembers that Patrick is her reason for living.

Simon and Patrick receive a call from St Phil’s – Catherine is awake. Simon goes home to Cherry, but instead of feeling good about today’s events, he sits alone, watching the time go by…

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