Simon’s teacher friend Jamie Dawes and deputy-head Francesca Prior are almost caught having sex by student Blaise. Simon witnesses obvious flirting between Francesca and Jamie. Blaise gives Jamie lots of cheek, which goes unpunished, making Simon suspicious. Blaise says she saw a couple at it in the school gym, causing Jamie to have a panic attack.

Francesca tells Jamie that she plans to deal with the situation with Blaise. She calls Blaise’s mother alleging that she caused Jamie’s panic attack and will be suspended. Jamie is appalled but stays silent, much to Simon’s dismay – Blaise has done nothing wrong. Jamie eventually admits to Blaise’s mother that her daughter is innocent. Francesca gives in and allows Blaise to stay on at school, but Jamie hands in his notice.

Also, Cherry, upset over Jimmi, goes to see her Aunt Rettie Harmon. Rettie is having marriage problems – Uncle Brian has left her for neighbour Lorraine Musk. But Cherry eventually learns the truth that Rettie had been having an affair with Lorraine’s husband!

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