Simon tells Leanne that he doesn’t want her to watch his football match, but she still heads down with Ken and Zeedan in tow. She’s surprised to see Tom there and Simon’s soon telling her off for chatting up the manager. As the football match heats up, Simon tackles another player, leaving him writhing in pain as Leanne watches in horror.

Phelan sabotages the fuse box at the Arches and when Jason switches on the lights there’s a loud bang. Phelan tells Kevin the damage will mean another week’s work and while Kevin’s grateful he’s sorting it out, Anna tells Kevin that Phelan tampered with it himself.

Eva promises to find Marta a coat to keep her warm. Later, Sean’s furious to discover his new coat is missing and as the factory girls argue about who could have stolen it, Marta emerges from behind some boxes and makes a dash for it. Everyone watches open mouthed.

David’s run off his feet at the salon and realises with horror that he’s put the wrong dye on Beth’s hair.