Leanne has little choice but to agree to Dan’s request to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Simon refuses to go for a birthday tea with Leanne, telling her that she’s a useless mum, before heading into his room. Leanne’s shocked, frightened of what Simon is turning into.

Kylie tells David about Callum’s proposition, but he’s scathing, his distrust in Kylie resurfacing. Deeply hurt, Kylie packs her things and tells David if he can’t learn to trust her there’s no point in continuing with their charade. Meanwhile, Callum spends the evening spoiling Sarah, who’s thrilled, unaware that she’s second best.

Roy struggles to make Cathy accept that her hoarding is out of hand and she has a problem. Later, Carla advises Roy to leave well alone, but he’s determined to help his friend.

Carla amuses herself in the café by online gambling. Excited at the prospect of Deirdre’s return, Ken writes her a birthday card.