Simon saves the day

Jay Hucknell watches as Dominic Pignon emerges from an art gallery with a painting and steals it. But after Jay is tackled by a wiley pensioner and drops his car keys, he spots Simon getting into his car, snatches his keys and races off. Rob and Pc Lyn Elliot arrive at the scene to find Simon treating Dominic and when they find Jay’s car, they try and trace it’s owner.

As Rob quizzes Dominic about the incident then lets him go, Simon arrives home to find his car outside and creeps in to find the culprit in his bath. It’s Jay – his old pal from medical school. Jay confesses that after dropping out of med school he racked up huge debts and Dominic offered him cash to pretend to mug him. Simon orders Jay to hand himself in.

Rob believes Jay’s story but insists they get the painting back – but Jay followed the instructions to hand it to a guy called Primo on a street corner. Simon remembers seeing a bag for Primo’s Gym in Dominic’s car, so they head to the gym to find Dominic emerging with Primo, and a bag. Rob arrests Dominic and it looks like Jay won’t go to prison.

Later, Simon is still annoyed with Cherry for meddling in his affairs but he can’t resist Todd when he phones to confirm details of their first date. Simon is shy and awkward while Todd is confident and relaxed and they seal their date with a kiss.

Also, Daniel almost ruins Julia’s deal, when he tries to flirt with gorgeous sales rep Belinda.

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