Simon stalls giving his answer

Cherry tells Simon to relax when they go out for dinner at the Hollins’ house. Heston calls Simon to ask about his decision, but Simon’s busy and promises to talk to him later.

Karen gives Imogen the shopping list for dinner and she is horrified – Shepherd’s Pie with baked beans?! Heston suggests pigeon, and Elaine suggests a goat’s cheese starter! Later, Karen is horrified when Imogen arrives with whole un-plucked pigeons and smelly sheep’s cheese.

As Jack and Rob pluck they ponder what to talk about with Simon. Simon arrives and the awkward conversation begins. As they finish their starter, Imogen smells burning and Karen is gutted to discover the pigeons carbonised! Jack jokes about the local chippie and Simon agrees!

The ice is broken as they tuck into fish and chips. Imogen asks Simon how he is and he tells them about the birth of Jaza’s baby, reminding him what the job is all about. Karen asks if he has made his mind up, and with enormous relief, Simon answers ‘yes’.

Zara is surprised when Daniel comes to see her at the Campus – he’s been thinking of her and wants to take her for a drink. She mentions her house viewing in Picton and Daniel apologises for his insensitivity yesterday and agrees to meet her in the village pub. When she arrives, Daniel announces he thinks it would be a great idea for him to move in, but Zara is now distracted by Steph and rushes out.

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