Simon is struggling to cope with his mum, Sue, who’s distraught after hearing Howard wants a divorce. Cherry turns up with her survival kit, including vodka, chocolates, and an inflatable punch bag! It makes Sue feel better and she encourages Simon to go back to work.

There’s a food poisoning outbreak at the campus and Ruth is struggling. Both Heston and Michelle notice something wrong but it’s Michelle that has to take the initiative and rescue Ruth. Heston has no choice but to take Ruth home himself. He finds her silence unsettling yet tenderly takes care of her and asks if she has taken her medication. Heston calls Lily for advice and says he will stay in the spare room.

When Zara calls on Dee Bradley, a hoody called Ross answers the door and a suspicious Zara notices he’s got a knife. After an argument, Zara guesses he’s had chemotherapy and convince Ross to go back to hospital.

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