Simon’s busy going over case notes for his final CbD with Heston on Monday when Charlie arrives, helps himself to Simon’s strong coffee, and makes a comment to Simon about ‘you fellas’ liking a stiff one in the morning!
Simon snaps and challenges Charlie on his prejudices against gay people.

Simon accuses Charlie of bullying and Daniel, as the only Partner present, says he’ll talk to Charlie and later arranges a meeting between Simon, Charlie and himself to sort things out.

Meanwhile, Ruth tells Simon that, as ‘acting’ Practice Manager, she’ll start a formal investigation. But as Simon, Daniel and Charlie meet, Simon asks Daniel why Ruth’s not in the meeting.

Simon’s unimpressed with Charlie’s reluctant apology and questions Daniel on his reluctance to start a formal investigation – had it been a question of race or religion things would have been different.

Later, Ruth warn Daniel he needs to follow the correct procedure: Julia wouldn’t have let this happen and he needs to start taking responsibility or the Practice will fall apart. Daniel realises he is out of his depth.

At St Phil’s, Heston and Jimmi voice their concerns about Julia’s confused state. And Cherry helps a recovering alcoholic whose wife has Motor Neurone Disease.

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