It’s the morning of the MIU (Minor Injuries Unit) opening, and new Clinical Nurse Manager Simon Tanner clashes – quite literally – with Charlie in the hospital car park. Marilyn tries to convince Charlie and the other staff that the MIU will be a success – but Charlie’s not buying it and is soon accusing Simon of ‘canvassing for customers’.

Meanwhile, Bob is admitted after suffering a nasty fall at a superhero convention. The additional filing is causing problems for Noel, and when Bob starts fitting from a reaction to drugs that Simon has given him, it turns out that Noel gave Simon the wrong notes. As Simon didn’t spot the mistake, he and Charlie clash over where the blame lies.

Having slept together, Jessica and Adam have been flirting until Sean appears and Jessica starts to panic. They argue but, later in Adam’s office, they kiss passionately, and Jessica’s glad to have made up.

After spending most of the day emailing her ‘boyfriend’ in Afghanistan – blissfully unaware that Big Mac is sending the emails – Kelsey complains to Alice that her internet love interest is too romantic. Big Mac is dismayed.