Simon boasts to Cherry and Michelle about how his heroics with Will the day before might be in the paper. Later, Cherry and Michelle look through the paper and to their horror find a feature on the rescue – with a photo of Will with his wife and son. Michelle isn’t sure they should tell Simon, who walks in mid-conversation.
Realising something’s up, Simon picks up the paper and is totally floored when he sees the picture.

Convinced there’s an innocent explanation, Simon immediately calls Will but his phone goes to voicemail. All afternoon, Simon feels like everyone is talking about him, and when he overhears Heston and Jimmi talking about what happened he’s destroyed.

Annoyed over Karen’s low pay, Rob visits Julia and The Mill to give her a piece of his mind, but he’s shocked when she reveals that Karen never asked for a pay rise. Rob feels foolish and humiliated that his wife lied to him, while Karen is mortified by his meddling and a row ensues.

And it looks like Daniel’s been up to his old tricks when a female patient turns up besotted with him.

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