Simon tells Cherry about Will and asks her to make herself scarce that night so they can have the house to themselves. She says it’s no problem as she struggles to hide her upset that he has forgotten that today is her birthday.

Michelle surprises Cherry with some flowers and a birthday card but disappoints her when she tells Cherry she already has plans for that night. Everyone assumed she would be doing something with Simon, who is mortified when Karen comes into the staffroom holding a birthday cake and presents for Cherry.

Jimmi rescues Cherry’s birthday from being a disaster by taking her home to his for race night with him and Daniel. As the boys frantically race their cars, Cherry calmly beats them both!

Sapphire has been spending ages in the bathroom but won’t tell Lily what’s wrong, so she makes an appointment for her to see Simon.

Also, Zara tries hard to keep her emotions in check after her break-up with Matthew and Ruth offers a listening ear.

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