Simon strains his neck when a paramedic passes by The Mill hoping it’ll be Will – but it isn’t. Simon opens up a little to Ruth, but gets teased by Zara and insulted by Charlie, and feels very alone. Later, Simon tries calling Will but gets no answer, and to avoid temptation, leaves his phone in his desk at the end of the day.

Zara agrees to help Daniel with his partnership bid and tries to put a brave face on her situation with her father. But when Jed calls, she finds herself having to worry about his dinner and other chores in front of Daniel, who invites her for a drink. Zara’s tempted but decides to return home to her father.

When Karen admits to Rob and Jack that she can hardly bear to speak to Julia these days, they suggest she works to rule, but Karen’s not having any of it. Later, Jack accepts an offer of a place back in halls and tells the family he’s moving tomorrow. It puts Rob in a very good mood but makes Karen even more miserable.

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