Simone Loveday hosts a killer party!

Simone Loveday invites the Nightgales over for a murder mystery night... and soon wishes she hadn't!

Simone organises a murder mystery night and invites the Nightingales. Nathan, Marnie and Cleo arrive at the Lovedays in fancy dress and begin the entertainment. It’s not long, however, before the whole evening descends into chaos!

Jack gives Esther an address to help find Kim. Jack visits Billy again but Billy’s in hospital after a heart attack and the brothers say goodbye to each other. Esther threatens Jack that she’s going to speak to Frankie but they’re being watched by newcomer, Eva. And when her dad, Billy, passes away, Eva’s out for revenge…

As Ste remains confused about why Leah doesn’t want to be there, the youngster continues to blackmail Harry.

Also, Cindy is put on the spot when Dirk’s nephew, Nick, turns up to stay.